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April 26, 1996

Mr. Randy Bynum
US Energy Controls
950 South Bascom Ave.
San Jose, CA 95128

Dear Randy,
After we first met, I was skeptical of the Hy-Save LPA. I wondered how refrigeration equipment could be improved as much as you claimed. Though it took time for me to become comfortable with the LPA. I am glad I did.

After the LPA installation in Scotts Valley, we had a significant drop in case temperatures. Product quality improved resulting in reduced waste. We were able to maintain temperatures never before possible. The average drop was 6 degrees F.

The addition of the bakery in our Scotts Valley store just prior to the LPA retrofit made it difficult to analyze our exact level of savings. However, our bills have returned almost to the level they were at before the bakery was added. Savings in San Jose have been easy to see. We compared the previous 60 months of bills to the past 6. Each of these months has been.a record low. We noted that our most recent bill was down more than 10%.

Randy, it is not often that we find a supplier on our side. Your professionalism and concern for our business is greatlv appreciated. At times we think of you as an employee. I would be pleased to talk with anyone considering the LPA. I can not explain the LPA technology but I can explain its' impact.

We look forward to retrofitting the Santa Cruz store.

Dan Zanotto

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Company Logo - Letter Head

Refrigeration Compressor Upgrade Earns Market 1.5-Year Payback

By Mike Randazzo

SAN JOSE, Calif.-A recent project to upgrade medium- and low-temperature refrigeration compressors is expected to earn a 1.5-year payback for a Zanotto's Family Market store here. The compressors were outfitted with energy-minded refrigerant pressure pumps that reduce compressor cycling times.

The 16,000-square-foot full-service and specialty food market is the oldest of three stores managed from the company's headquarters in Scotts Valley, Calif. From January to March, a total of seven refrigeration systems ranging in size from three to 15 horsepower (hp) were retrofitted with low-pressure amplification devices at a cost of $10,200. According to store owner Dan Zanotto, utility bills received since the completion date indicate that the retrofit is on track to trim the store's yearly electricity usage by 70,000 kilowatt hours (kwh), which will save $6,650 annually.

The new low-pressure amplifiers were manufactured by Hy-Save Inc., Portland, Ore. According to Randy Bynum, president of US Energy Controls, a Hy-Save distributor here, by pressurizing a refrigeration system's liquid line the electric pumps elevate a compressor's ability to deliver liquid refrigerant to the food case's evaporator coil; increase cooling capacity; and lower the compressor's discharge pressure.