Thermal Storage Assistance

Many utilities are forced to charge peak power rates for certain hours of the day. By shifting this load to off peak hours, you can help them and also put 20% to 30% of these charges in your pocket.


Liquid Pumping - The process of liquid refrigerant pumping eliminates the premature flashing of liquid refrigerant and maintains the capacity of the expansion valve. The head pressures are then allowed to float with the ambient to much lower temperatures with a significant increase in capacity of the system and reduced energy requirements.

This is by far the most efficient system available for lowering head pressures and saving energy.

Thermal Storage Assistance - Off peak hours and the greatest capacity of a liquid pumping system coincide. Now you can save on your utility cost around the clock by shifting some of the high cost load to the time of day when your power costs are at their lowest.

Engineered for Your System - Your local Hy-Save and Thermal Storage representative will go over the details for your application and installation of this money saving opportunity.

You will find that their vast experience will be of significant value to help you avoid unnecessary energy costs and to increase your profits.