Hy-Save Distributors and Dealers Photo Library

Hy-Save LPA's Feature Magnetic Drives
-No Shaft Seals to Leak
-Motor Heat cannot be absorbed by the liquid refrigerant

An Installation of Hy-Save LPA's on Carrier Air Conditioners

Watch the installation of Hy-Save Liquid Pressure Amplifiers in a department store with streaming audio and video.

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View a slide show on the benefits of installing a Liquid Refrigerant Pump

Trane 75 Ton Water Cooled Chiller, a Trane 200 Ton Air Cooled Chiller, and a Cold Storage System

12-Condensers on Grade with 22 ft. Vertical Lift from Condensers

 Ice Skating Arenas

Condenser Coils with Super Heat Suppression

Trane and Carrier Chillers,
Hussmann and Copeland Rack Refrigeration Systems