blue.gif (334 bytes)P.F. Bailey & Associates (Serving the NorthEast)
blue.gif (334 bytes)Fields Mechanical Service Inc. (Serving Florida, Georgia, Carolinas and Mid Atlantic Region)

blue.gif (334 bytes)Integ Energy Group (Hy-Save importer to Canada)

-Other Sites of Interest-
blue.gif (334 bytes)Energy Information Administration
blue.gif (334 bytes)ARI- Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute
blue.gif (334 bytes)RSES - Refrigeration Service Engineers Society
blue.gif (334 bytes)ANSI- American National Standards Institute
blue.gif (334 bytes)ACCA- Air Conditioning Contractors of America
blue.gif (334 bytes)HVAC Mall
blue.gif (334 bytes)U.S. Dept. of Energy FEMP Report Subcooling
blue.gif (334 bytes)U.S. Dept. of Energy FEMP Report Liquid Refrigerant Pumping
blue.gif (334 bytes)Corp of U.S. Army Engineers (Page 52 of Energy Manager's Manual)