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blueOrtho-McNeil Conserving Energy
blueStore Dehumidification Pays Dividends for This Chain of Supermarkets
blueSupermarket Refrigerates with Energy-Saving System
blueComputer Company Chooses Hy-Save Centrifugal Pumps to Reduce Energy Costs
blueIce Rink, Soldotna, Alaska
blueSpecial Training Session Conducted for Swedish Engineers
blueFlorida's County Public Schools Solve their Humidity and IAQ Problems
blueBakery Increases Production by the Use of the Patented Hy-Save System
blueSan Jose Food Packing Firm Solves Problems

Ortho-McNeil Conserving Energy

(Somerset, N.J.) - Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical recently took another step in reducing its energy consumption and improving its operations by modifying the freezer at the Franklin Distribution Center (FDC) in Somerset with the patented Hy-Save technology.

The LPA system enhances the efficiency of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, resulting in better performance and energy savings.

The modified freezer unit has reduced the temperature of the freezer while using significantly less energy, and Ortho expects the project will have a 22-month simple payback. Ortho employee John Falzarano, who is responsible for the maintenance of this facility, reports that he is quite pleased with the modification, especially the colder temperatures in the freezer.

"We're saving a lot of energy with Hy-Save and I sleep better at night knowing I won't get a call because the freezer got too warm and went into alarm," he said.

Mr. Falzarano believes the Hy-Save modification will not only save energy but also help make the freezer systems last longer and require less maintenance over time. Victor's Air Conditioning of Middlesex performed the installation.

With the success of this first project, Ortho-McNeil intends to modify several additional air conditioning and refrigeration systems as part of their participation in a U.S. government program to encourage American corporations to be leaders in energy conservation.

The application of the Hy-Save technology at Ortho could result in the reduction in electrical consumption on the order of hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours annually.

According to the New Jersey distributor of the Hy-Save system, Andrew McKenna, president of Environmental Technologies, Palisades Park, savings on the order of 20-40 percent are not uncommon, and paybacks under two years are typical. With some exceptions, the modification can be applied to virtually any commercial and industrial cooling systems.

"You name it, I've been involved in modifying it - small and large air conditioners, supermarkets, skating rinks, and large industrial process cooling systems," Mr. McKenna said. "What we do is allow the compressor to do as little work as possible while maintaining or boosting cooling capacity, thereby maximizing the efficiency.

There are more than 20,000 Hy-Save installations nationwide and internationally, and customers include the federal government, the U.S. military, and Fortune 500 companies.

"As a Certified Energy Manager, I've seen a lot of energy-saving technologies over the years, and very few of them are as effective and beneficial as the Hy-Save technology. I'm glad to see Ortho, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, acting as a responsible corporate citizen," said Mr. McKenna. "They are very energy conscious and it pays off, as every dollar saved goes right to the bottom line in terms of profitability.

"All in all, this Ortho project at FDC was one of the best I've done. It was a very good application of the Hy-Save technology. Victor's A/C did an excellent job installing it and Ortho is extremely happy with the positive results achieved. Everybody's goals were exceeded. You can't ask for better than that."

Store Dehumidification Pays Dividends For This Chain of Supermarkets

Spartanburg SC - "This is the best money this company ever spent" stated the supervisor of maintenance of a well-known chain of Supermarkets in this region. "Our air conditioners no longer quit working on the hot days, the refrigerated display cases quit sweating, fewer defrosts are required. It makes my job a lot easier", he added. The store engineers did not go into this blindly. Calculations showed that, the reduction of the anti-sweat heaters alone would pay back in about one year. In addition, lowering the humidity from 60% to 50% would shave 10% off the latent heat load on the refrigeration systems.

The better product integrity and reduced spoilage were bonuses that were realized after the installation was completed.

The R. L. Stevens company headed by Robert Stevens is the Hy-Save and Hy-Dry distributor for the area. Our hats go off to Mr. Stevens for his excellent handling of the project.

The 1995 schedule called for the application of Hy-Dry to 80 of the 450 stores in the chain. Nearly all were completed during the year.

blueHumidity Removal in Supermarkets (Refrigeration Service and Contracting, May, 1996)
blueZantto's Family Markets.

Supermarket Refrigerates with Energy-Saving System

Environmental Technologies of Palisades Park, NJ was instrumental in bringing this savings technique to their attention. With the liquid pumping system, head pressures can be allowed to "float" with the outside temperature. When new compressor racks were in the design stage they wanted the most efficient systems that could be provided. Engineering studies revealed that this could only be done if Hy-Save refrigerant pumps and full floating head pressures were part of the design.

With the compressors only working against pressures of 80 to 90 pounds instead of the conventional 180 to 190 pounds, it was easy to realize the reduction of work required to maintain the needed capacity. Less work transforms directly into savings on the power bill.

Not only will the pumps show a good return on investment, but the continued savings helps to pay for the cost of the new refrigeration racks.

The worst enemies of the compressors are high discharge temperatures and operating at high amperages. Although one cannot put numbers to it, the maintenance costs are reduced considerably with these lower head pressures. Pulsations and high temperatures of the conventional system are major contributors to cracked fittings in the refrigeration lines and loss of refrigerants. Whatever your maintenance costs are, they should be reduced, which will add more to your bottom line. Generally, savings of energy cost alone are in the 25% range. The additional benefits are not calculated in a savings estimate but are just as real.

Omni Enterprises, Inc.
blueHumidity Removal in Supermarkets (Refrigeration Service and Contracting, May, 1996)
blueZantto's Family Markets.

Computer Company Chooses Hy-Save Centrifugal Pumps to Reduce Energy

Morlborough Mass - This Computer company has just completed an installation of Hy-Save centrifugal refrigerant pumps on their Liebert computer room cooling systems.

Other forms of energy reduction were on the table but just did not measure up in terms of reliability, savings, simplicity and integrity.

Walter Joncas and Fred Miller of Hy-Save ECT, were instrumental in making sure that every detail of the project was completed as designed. This close cooperation assures a successfully completed installation.

It was estimated that the usual 25% - 30% energy reduction should be realized with room to spare. It is this high quality of workmanship that Hy-Save demands of its distributors, and assures everyone that Hy-Save distributors are the very best.

blueSouthern Oregon State College Computing Sciences Building

Ice Rink, Soldotna, Alaska

For you ice rink owners, the City of Soldotna, Alaska found that their "first post LPA installation power bill was reduced by $4,500 compared the same month one year ago", stated the Director of the Central Peninsula Sports Center. "The pumps' effect on our system has been tremendous. Historically (pre-pump installation), our two - 100 hp compressors operated for a total of 33 hours per day. Since the refrigerant pumps have been installed, our compressor operating time has dropped to 17-20 total hours per day. Thus, over a 33% reduction in compressor run time has been realized."

"This 33-36% reduction in electrical consumption will be a tremendous boost to our bottom line. In addition, the compressors are also operating much quieter, signifying less wear and tear on the working parts" he added.

While it is easy to understand why he is so enthusiastic, we always are glad when a customer takes time from a busy schedule to write a letter to thank us for the introduction of this technology. In the interest of all other ice rinks, the Director would like to go on record as a reference to other operators.

blueCentral Peninsula Sports Center
blueAlbert Lea Ice Arena, MN
blueBladerunners Twin-Rink Complex, PA

Special Training Session Conducted for Swedish Engineers

Portland OR- Sweden not only builds a great Volvo car, but has some excellent refrigeration engineers. Carl Westh one our new foreign Hy-Save distributors, arranged for five of the top refrigeration engineers to attend a week long training seminar at Hy-Save's Corporate Office in Portland. On site installations were visited. This gave them a chance to see first hand the applications. After each visual inspection we then analyzed the engineering aspects. With Hy-Save's many years of experience in the field of high side refrigerant pumping, many do's and don'ts were passed on to make their installations easier and give then a running start on a new technology for that part of the world. Basic concerns in Scandinavia are the same as they are in this country, conservation of natural resources and power costs along with improving the refrigeration cycle. We enjoyed their visit and I have been told that our local stores really appreciated the large sales of "Levi pants".

Florida's County Public Schools Solve Their Humidity and IAQ Problems

"The results of the installation and all testing done on the equipment since last March have been very positive", stated Mr. Lane of the H.V.A.C. department of the Florida's County School District. The relative humidity levels, the comfort cooling levels and the CO2 have all been reduced significantly at this facility. "During the pre-testing of the equipment at this facility the units ran continuously to achieve the desired comfort levels. However, the relative humidity levels (to conform to good IAQ levels) could only periodically be achieved, and the CO2 levels were in the 1,100 to 1,200 ppm range."

"Immediately after the installation of this product, drastic changes were reported not only by test results of monitoring equipment installed by my department but by the occupants of the building as well. The first noticeable difference was the request to readjust the thermostats. It seems the occupants were too cold. The temperature set point was the same as before the installation, however, the relative humidity had decreased by almost 20 percent. "

"All of the test results have proven that the LPA technology, in conjunction with the Hy-Dry coils, will and can make a remarkable improvement in buildings with IAQ problems". He continues, "Our temperature levels are now achievable, relative humidity levels are some 20 to 25 percent lower, and because of the increased capacity of the equipment we have now been able to increase the fresh air makeup to the building from five percent to 20 percent, lowering our CO2 levels."

"One thing that I forgot to mention is that previously we ran the equipment 24 hours a day. We now start the equipment 1 1/2 hours prior to occupancy and stop the equipment immediately after the building is unoccupied. We have eliminated 14 hours a day in run time. Due to the increase in the capacity that the LPA has given this equipment in the form of lower KW per ton, we have projected this project will pay for itself in less than 12 months."

This installation and engineering was the direct result of the expert workmanship and engineering of Charlie Henault. Mr. Henault is a notable expert in air conditioning in the northern Florida area. Charlie has devoted much of his time teaching the engineering aspects of air conditioning to classes of new and some not so new technicians in the area.

While this particular installation was noteworthy Charlie has not stopped there. He has been extremely busy helping others solve their problems and introducing them to the techniques of Hy-Save pumping combined with the Hy-Dry coils. Fields Mechanical has become another one of Hy-Save's distributors and you can be sure that, for a professional job, Charlie will deliver.

Bakery Increases Production by the Use of Hy-Save Technology

Many of the decisions to install the centrifugal pumping system stem from the interest in improving performance and in many cases the increase in the production of a product far out weigh the energy savings. A typical example is this installation on the dough retarders. Faster cooling and the better control of operation are important first steps in making different bakery products.

Air Conditioner No Longer Fails When It Is Needed Most
Can you imagine working in a bakery with all of the ovens blasting away and the outside temperature is in the 90's? Just when you need it the most the air conditioner gives up. You don't get much production from any of your employees under these condition. This was the condition that our distributor of Hy-Save in Tennessee found. It was a problem no one in the past had been able to solve. Knowing that the Hy-Save combined processes of liquid pumping and liquid injection were tailored for just this type of condition, they felt comfortable in accepting the challenge. The results exceed expectations. With outside temperatures exceeding 100 degrees and all ovens operating, the A/C kept on "ticking" and in the process reduced overall power cost by a whopping 27%.

San Jose Food Packing Firm Solves Problems

Randy's first observation was a pile of compressor parts heaped up in back of the building. It wasn't difficult to understand that these people had a problem. Their maintenance cost must have been out of sight.

Looking the system over, he found that the evaporators were some twenty feet above the receiver with an additional run of one hundred and seventy feet. "Nothing but flash gas getting to the expansion valves", Randy thought. In addition the superheat of the compressors had to be extreme.

To top it off, the condensers were undersized. This place definitely needs help. The 100 hp compressor with this much liquid line pressure drop would take one 860 Hy-Save pump which would take care of the liquid line lift and other line losses. The addition of liquid injection would help with the undersized condenser.

After the scheduled work was completed there was an immediate change in operation of the system. The required temperatures could be maintained with the compressor running at part load.

Comparing the KW with before and after testing it showed a drop in average KW from 33.4 Kw to a new average of only 12.6 KW.

Randy Bynum, of US Energy Controls, has been a Hy-Save distributor for a number of years. His attention to details and assuring customer satisfaction is earning his company a reputation of excellence in Northern California.