Why can't I see the drop down menus correctly?
-We recommend using a 4.0 browser such as Netscape or Internet explorer. If you do not have a 4.0 browser, you will still be able to navigate this site, you just won't get all of the nice features and benefits that 4.0 browser users get.

The page doesn't seem to fit my monitor very well?
-We recommend using a monitor resolution of 800x600 or better, although it is not a necessity to view the page.

Plugins? What do I need those for?
- We use plugins in our pages to enhance the interactivity of our website, without them you may not be able to view certain pages.

We recommend getting these plugins (all are free plugins available from their respective websites):
-Real Player or Media Player
-Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer

I don't see my question answered here, what can I do?
Send and email to the webmaster - explaining your problem clearly.